Building and walking a labyrinth is a tradition that dates back many thousand years.

Our stone labyrinth derives from the seven circuit classical labyrinth as shown on ancient greek coins.

Walking a labyrinth is a journey, calming to the soul, a walking meditation to the centre of one’s being. It is a place where healing can occur, a place of balance and wholeness.

From the entrance you may start walking the grey stone path with a question in mind, a purpose or nothing at all. You will follow the many circuits until you reach the centre. There you may want to contemplate and rest for a while before you return, again following the path out to the entrance where you started. You cannot get lost, this is not a maze. You will find the  labyrinth on the left side of the Sanctuary. It is a fifteen minute walk from the main centre building.

Many times you will encounter the green diamond, the symbolic mystical centre of our labyrinth. The paths cannot reach it but its presence is strong.

Our labyrinth is open to anyone coming to Mana. It is an invitation to a journey of inner exploration, discovery and insight that may surprise you!