Mana Update

It is another gorgeous summer here on the Coromandel Peninsula, and with turquoise waters glistening in the bay, blue skies, lush green native bush, cicadas and birds singing, we are definitely feeling called to be outdoors.

Summer really is a prime time to make the most of long walks on the beach, afternoon swims and alfresco dining. For most of us, it is ‘the busy season’, so finding time to be out in nature is even more important, as it helps to energise and restore balance even on those long days.

Sunrise from the top of the mountain. A beautiful moment shared by our wwoofing family and captured by Valerie Dube.

With the school holidays drawing to a close, there is an opportunity to slow down a little, and find balance between social time and silence, movement and rest.

That is why we have added an extra Relaxation Weekend to our schedule this March. Our Relax Weekends are an opportunity to breathe and experience recreation in a way that supports your idea of well-being. They are invitation to rest and replenish, to be in nature, to eat well, to be with friends or enjoy some time alone, most importantly they are all about restoring balance.

This year we have 6 Relax Weekends on our event schedule –  8-10 February, 1-3 March, 10-12 May (Mother’s Day Relax), 7-9 June (Winter Relaxation Weekend), 13-15 December

Our weekend package includes 2 nights accommodation, 3 delicious meals each day and optional classes (often yoga and mediation) suitable to beginners, all inclusive for $250 per person. 

Make some time for you and book a weekend in for some quality relaxation.

We hope to see you soon.