Presenter: Bob Stahl and Jan Landry
Course #: 1568

  • May 1, 2020 - May 8, 2020
    Check In Time: 4:00 pm
    Check Out Time: 2:00 pm

Overview of Retreat

In the last 38 years Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and other mindfulness-based
Programs (MBP’s) have spread exponentially throughout the world. Mindfulness
is now being integrated into medicine, health care, science, psychology and education.
It also has expanded into a wide range of other social institutions including criminal
justice, business, technology, and leadership and yet at times, little is known of its
origins. This retreat will explore and emphasize how the teachings of the Dhamma
informs MBSR and all MBP’s).

Through the direct practices of the four foundations of mindfulness, you will learn how
the essence of these wisdom teachings (Dhamma): the four noble truths and the three
characteristics of existence intersect and inform all mindfulness-based programs.
This traditional insight meditation retreat will offer silent periods of sitting and walking
meditation as well as group and individual practice discussions with the teachers.
The teachers will also offer daily talks and systematic meditation instructions that
are embedded with the spirit of loving kindness. These teachings and practices will
emphasize quieting the mind, opening the heart, and developing clarity and depth
of practice.

This retreat is suitable for anyone interested in a Silent Retreat, also for anyone teaching or aspiring to teach mindfulness in
healthcare, psychology, education, science, government, or in the business and
corporate sector.



Bob Stahl, Ph.D. has founded eight Mindfulness-Based
Stress Reduction programs in medical centres in the
SF Bay Area. Dr. Stahl serves as a Senior Teacher the
Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and
Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical
He is a coauthor of 5 books: A Mindfulness-Based Stress
Reduction Workbook, Living With Your Heart Wide Open,
Calming the Rush of Panic, A Mindfulness-Based Stress
Reduction Workbook for Anxiety, and MBSR Everyday.
Bob is the guiding teacher at Insight Santa Cruz and a
visiting teacher at Spirit Rock and teaches retreats and training worldwide.


Jan Landry, BSN MA, has worked in the field of
hospice care both as a nurse and as a chaplain, for
over 30 years. Her work in the field of death and
dying serves as an ongoing reminder of how precious
each and every moment of life is and informs
her meditation practice which has developed and
deepened over many years. She is a yoga practitioner,
a student of the Ridhwan School and of life. As a
teacher of mindfulness meditation, she hopes to
support others in cultivating a practice of mindfulness
that fosters awareness and deep listening to the inner wisdom of one’s own heart.


Costs NZ$1345 including GST, PLUS Dana for the teachers.
This is a Dana retreat, so you are invited to pay what you can afford to Bob and Jan.
The cost includes all vegetarian meals and shared room accommodation for 7 nights.
For those with special needs, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and vegan meals can
be provided.

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