Presenter: Judy Satori
Course #: 1421

  • December 2, 2018 - December 5, 2018
    Check In Time: 11:00 am
    Check Out Time: 5:00 pm

An opportunity to join Judy Satori at Mana for Physical Regeneration Level Two

LEVEL TWO Physical Regeneration
Goes beyond the teachings of March 2018 into a new level of physical vitality and wellness

From Judy: “I don’t usually make promises in advance! I usually wait to see what Spirit will deliver, but I know that the energy that is coming in 2018 is super special and is the next step in our physical ascension process, like nothing that has gone before.

Physical Regeneration Level Two is the next step after Level One, which was presented and transmitted by Spirit in March 2018. Level One course material is available in three stages through Judy’s website in August, September and October 2018 to prepare you in every way for the Level Two experience.” www.JudySatori.com



Judy Satori is a catalyst, activator and way shower.
Her role is to help usher in a new beginning and a new way for life for us on Earth. She is an energy conduit for Spirit, a step down transformer between Heaven and Earth, Source and Soul. Her mission is to activate human potential.
Judy transmits energy words of new creation in the form of very rapid ‘Languages of Light’ that activate physical and consciousness upgrade. These languages are from God and are of love.
Judy Satori transmits energy as guided by Spirit. The energy languages that she speaks come from her own soul memory and from Source – God. Energy affects energy and human beings are really energy beings crystallized into physical form.
The energy sounds and their vibration create change at a cellular, atomic and DNA level. Listening to these recordings is entirely safe for everyone, including children and animals.
Visit www.judysatori.com for free life enhancing energy transmissions, access to Judy’s Accelerated Ascension Library and online programs.


This retreat will be working with upgraded and advanced energy transmissions from “Beyond the Beyond”, from a more expanded source of God’s new creation coming from the heart centre of 22 galaxies. The work will involve new and very powerful energy that will take you beyond healing, which is BALANCE, to usher in new physical vitality, better energy and better functioning of all the organs and systems of your body.

The Fundamental Aspects of Physical Regeneration: A teaching session summarizing the fundamental aspects of physical regeneration as received in 2017, to allow you to build new vitality for the body from a firm and strong physical foundation.

What to eat during the Ascension process – written information and discussion session.

FREE BONUS: The program Regeneration Secrets with its five daily processes included in the course material for all retreat participants. This program is valued at $US295.

Six information and energy transmission sessions … Physical Regeneration: Level Two processes.
Three integration, discussion and Q & A sessions with Judy and Spirit.
Three metamorphosis meditation processes.
The edited audio recordings from this event compiled in a new program, LEVEL TWO, delivered after the retreat, so that you can continue to advance this work at home after the retreat.
Personal support from Judy throughout the retreat process.
Fabulous vegetarian food made with LOVE in the Mana kitchen.
Enjoy a beautiful peaceful environment with fabulous views of the Hauraki Gulf and across to Auckland city and Hauraki gulf islands.
Meditation in the Goddess Tara chapel, a replica Byzantine chapel built high on the hillside above Mana accessed by the “Goddess Walk” trail through beautiful native forest.


SHUTTLE BOOKING: A shuttle will be available travelling from Auckland Airport to Mana Retreat Centre – Leaving Auckland Airport at 9am Sunday 2 December 2018. Please CONTACT the Mana Team if you would like to be on this shuttle. Cost varies according to number of passengers from NZD$80-$240 one way.


SCHEDULE for Physical Regeneration Level Two for SUNDAY 2 December

11am Check in/Arrivals, 1pm Welcome and Lunch,  230-4pm Introduction Session, 6pm Dinner, 730pm Meditation


PLEASE CONTACT US at be@manaretreat.com OR tel:07866 8972 For Registration details


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