Presenter: Judy Satori
Course #: 1243

  • March 19, 2017 - March 22, 2017
    Check In Time: 5:00 pm
    Check Out Time: 3:30 pm


You are welcome to arrive at Mana Retreat Centre from 2pm.  Retreat starts at 5pm Sunday 19 March 2017.


A three day retreat with Judy Satori and Spirit, designed to teach seven key points that are required to go beyond healing to regenesis…physical regeneration.

Outcomes: increasing vitality, physical regeneration and cellular re-synthesis.

After four years of energy reset following the shift of the Earth to a faster vibrating fifth dimensional vibrational pattern, a new energy is coming to Earth in 2017.

Access to this new spectrum of energy, which emanates from the center of 22 galaxies configured together in the shape of a diamond, is all about REGENESIS.

It is part of a divine plan that the human species is advanced genetically. We are entering into a potent time of new beginning. It is an evolutionary upgrade for Earth and for humanity. Previously dormant human 12-stand DNA capacity is to be activated.

Judy Satori’s previous work with Spirit of the past 20 years has been about preparation…getting people ready for what is now to come forth. Her new role with Spirit is to speak and transmit energy words of new creation to recode the DNA. This work begins with going beyond healing, which is coming back into physical balance and then moving into physical regeneration.

The Mana Retreat

Judy’s three day retreat at Mana will allow for reflection and personal time as well as teaching the fundamentals of physical regeneration as transmitted by Spirit. You will be empowered to continue the process at home. There will be additional interactive sessions working directly with Spirit to further advance the work.

Participants attending Judy’s February Sydney workshop and the Mana retreat will receive information received from Spirit at both events.

Special introductory tuition price: $NZ400

Plus Mana accommodation and meal package fee: $NZ395

(This fee includes accommodation, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night and all meals)

Total Retreat Fee: $795

We can also accommodate a limited number of people who wish to stay off site and enjoy lunch and dinner at Mana.

For Judy’s free life enhancing transmissions and online programs visit Judy Satori’s website at this link 

Mana Accommodation is now fully booked, there is still availability for daily attendance (staying off-site) and camping with your own equipment. Please contact us if you would like to be placed on our accommodation WAITLIST.

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