Mana Update

Who would have thought a pot-holed driveway would have us tuning into the greater lesson of impermanence? Every year our working bee team dedicate hours of labour to patching up the pot holes on the Mana driveway. It has become tradition and one that brings together a boisterous team of go-get-em personalities to tend to the ever evolving maintenance needs of our asphalt road.

One of the teams working hard on the driveway during our Solstice Working bee

No matter our efforts, the driveway continues to age and every year there are more and more potholes to be patched. After 30 years, we think it may be time to replace it all together. It is reminder that the only constant thing is change…

The concept of impermanence can be tricky to comprehend, but it is not to be feared, it is actually a gift. It allows everything to be recycled and renewed, and when the going gets rough, it is reassuring to know that this too will pass.

It is natural to have resistance to change, especially when we invest so much time, energy and money into cultivating a certain state of being. Whether it is our health, wealth or lifestyle; the relationships we care so much for; the process of aging; illness, hurt and sorrow; or an old driveway that is has seen its last days, everything comes, everything goes.

The more we awaken to this awareness the more graciously we can meet change.

So we are opening to the possibility of a new driveway, and the magnitude of such a project, we are welcoming the new, giving thanks to the old, and choosing to find joy in the process. After all that is all you can really do when it comes to change.

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