Winding down after a long day at work can be challenging, that is why we feel grateful to be able to share with you this short relaxation practice created by Liz Stillwell to help you chill out and recalibrate after work.


Liz describes herself as a recycled Occupational Therapist – her current work “a plait of several life phases blended together’.

Liz is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, and a Meditation Teacher. A New Zealander, she is currently based in Melbourne working as a Spiritual Carer in Acute Trauma, Aged care and Palliative Care with an holistic approach to life and healing. 

We are excited to be welcoming Liz to Mana for her retreat ‘The joy of simple living’ in October. Click here to read more >

For now, let us share her guided relaxation practice to help you let go of the day.


A Practice for Relaxation

Track 16: After Work Relaxation

Recorded by: Liz Stillwell

This short 12 minute relaxation practice will guide and support you in letting go of your workday. Allowing yourself to pause after work will quiet your mind, relax your body and open you to new energy,  so that you can meet whatever your evening holds with ease and calmness. Hit the re-set button and leave work, at work.