As many of you know, our dear friend Cyril Wormald passed away in late March, and just as he would have liked it, his passing has been an invitation to bring many friends together to celebrate his life, to pay tribute to all that generously gave, and to remember the many laughs and adventures.

Today we honor the time we shared with Cyril with a memorial service that includes all the things he loved the most, comical stories about his adventures, a walk through his orchard, a silent pilgrimage up to the Sanctuary, a celebration of song, followed by cake and cream.

Cyril’s robust life inspired more people than we can count, many of which are abroad. We thought we would share this video montage with you, so that we can weave a web, connecting all the hearts around the world together in his memory.

Join us in celebrating his time with us at Mana.

Click the full screen button on the bottom right corner. 

You can add to this remembering by sharing your stories and memories in the comment box below.