Welcome to Mana.  We hope your stay here is nourishing and inspiring! Being here is a precious opportunity to slow down, to rest and come home to ourselves.  Here are a few guidelines to help clarify any questions that you may have.  Enjoy this beautiful, peaceful space and please help us to keep it this way.


This is our greatest hazard.  Candles and incense may only be used in the main centre building, dining, octagon & library. They are not to be used in the sleeping areas, sauna, bush bath or carried around.


Please don’t smoke inside or near the buildings (ONLY in designated area behind the octagon).  Please, no butts on the ground.


Please turn these & lights off when you leave your room to help conserve energy.  


Turn off or report any leaky taps please. There is UV filtered drinking water available in the dining room.


We appreciate your help in conserving water, electrical power and in recycling.


To support our retreat atmosphere, we limit the use of electronics to near the office.  Wifi is available and can be utilized in the meeting room next to the library. We have good mobile reception & ask that you consider others when conversing. Please help us to keep our octagon, dining room & public areas device free.


Please remove inside.  Be aware that wet decks can be slippery.


We cannot be responsible for your valuables.  If you are  concerned we have a safe available in our office.

FOOD,  ALCOHOL & DRUGS:               

We are a meat, drug and alcohol free zone, please respect this and don’t bring  to Mana.                                                      


Please report any damage or problem directly to our staff.


Massage & Watsu Aquatic Therapy are available (please see enclosed information).  Please visit the office for bookings.


No pets please.


We support local artists and stock a variety of items for personal use including stationery & toiletries, please feel free to browse and make purchases at the office.

LIBRARY / QUIET ROOM:               

A quiet space to sit and relax in, with many books that you are welcome to read during your stay here.  Please return them to their place before leaving.


If your stay is short please consider taking your laundry home.  If you are doing hand wash there is a line just behind the octagon.  If you need to use the machine, it is next to the kitchen, please check with staff about appropriate times & donation for use.


Depending on your course, these may be available for your use. Check at the office for equipment.


We have many beautiful walkways for your enjoyment, with benches where you can linger (see enclosed map –  please do not remove – spare copies available from the office). IMPORTANT: PLEASE AVOID WALKING BY PRIVATE RESIDENCES. Please wear appropriate footwear for uneven & slippery surfaces, walking sticks are also available.

SAUNA & BUSH BATH:           

The sauna is for your enjoyment but please let others know if you are turning it on so it can be efficiently used.  Press the button in the white cabinet on the outside wall, it will stay on for 3 hours.  Warm up time is about 30 minutes. There is also a bush bath close by – it uses the same hot water source as Ponga lodge, please consider this when deciding the best time for a bath.


Please feel free to walk up to our beautiful Sanctuary & Labyrinth under the mountain (15 min walk), to meditate, sing or just to enjoy the quiet, sacred atmosphere.  If there is a group using it please respect that and allow them to take precedence. Use the walkways, please do not take the road via the private residence.


Full ring every day at 9am & 6pm.  A chance to pause, listen and rest quietly in the present moment.


The possibility while at Mana to take the opportunity to deepen your retreat by being in silence (communicating only your basic needs).  If you would like to try this, even just for a day or two, please collect an “in Silence” badge from the shop area.  Some facilitators will offer this for the whole group during parts of their stay here.

MEDITATION & YOGA:                     

In most workshops the octagon is available for your personal practices in the early mornings.  Please respect this sacred space by keeping silence in there before breakfast.  Thank you.


This information is available in our Guest Information Booklet, there is one in everyone bedroom & lodge.