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1008, 2017

4 Great Reasons to Visit Mana this Spring

With spring just around the corner we are getting excited about the great opportunities at Mana for a good ‘spring clean’, not in the traditional sense… […]

508, 2017

Greeting Yourself with a Brave Heart

Could today be the day in which you consider with new strength and honesty what you are ready to let go? […]

108, 2017

Mana Men’s Circle

Why are men over represented in the statistics that we consider bad? More than 90% of the prison population is male. The rate of suicide among men is more than 3 times higher than the rate for women and 83% of high risk drivers are blokes. Those involved in men’s health say the reason is obvious. Men have become disconnected and they can’t express themselves. They also say that the solution is pretty obvious as well. They need to get men together, get them talking (not about rugby) about what is going on inside, about their feelings and their emotions. […]

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What is a retreat at Mana like?

“I was moved to tears by the care and the beauty.
Open Floor Teacher Training 2016
“What an amazing place where everything comes together-energy-space-light-love-compassion. I totally enjoyed my experience, thank your”
Julie Garner - January Relaxation Weekend 2016
“Mana is number one on my list for restoration of the soul and to detox the mind and physical clutter. Attentive staff and fabulous, nurturing food. Ill be back”
The Space Between Retreat 2015
“An awakening of the inner self and reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey of life”
Juliet - November Relax, 2015
“What a wonderful place to rest in the grace of the world and fill up on life. It is a feast for all the senses and everything is offered in the spirit of love”
Libby Granger - MTIA Retreat, 2016