Words of Comfort for Our Auckland Community

It is a challenging time, and all though we are all meeting different adversities, our hearts are with our dear community in Auckland right now. The recent news of prolonged lockdown has stirred all kinds of internal reactions, many of which are hard to put in words. However, one of our friends and frequent yoga teachers at Mana, Jessica Devi articulates the experience with so much truth and heart that we wanted to share her words with you.  

"Hold strong friends, it's going to be okay"

Well……….what can I say?

This week’s announcement was hard and, although I am in full support of the choices our government are making in their efforts to navigate the challenge of Delta, I was still left reeling by it all. I did not expect a move to level 2 yet, but I did think it might happen in another week or so….maybe.

A dear friend of mine recently posted about the power of ‘And’ – here is my current experience of this……

I agree with the continuation of level 3 in a bid to reduce the affect of Delta AND I am feeling sad, angry and worried.

I appreciate the effort to give us more freedom in this 3 stage process AND it feels like it isn’t enough.

I understand the government’s concern over people practicing yoga together indoors AND I believe we can do this safely if we follow guidelines.

I want us to take as long as we need to conquer this AND I want life to feel normal again really soon.

I am fortunate to possess many tools for resilience, I practice yoga and meditate every day AND I am finding this hard.

I trust that everything will turn out exactly as it is meant too AND I sometimes feel I can barely hold my head above water.

In short, I am feeling all the feels and experiencing all the polarities that come with uncertainty, disappointment, fear and sadness.

It’s a really tough time!

If any of this is familiar to you, please know, as I do, that you are not alone AND that it is ok to cry, shake your fist at the sky and lose faith sometimes.

I did a lot of that yesterday. After the announcement I took myself for a walk, sobbed a little, fumed a little, felt deflated….a lot, and then came home, closed my bedroom door and lay on my bed while my darling children made dinner. And I felt a little more ok.

This morning I woke up, went for a walk, listened to twerking music 😉 meditated and stretched.

And I felt even more ok.

Tomorrow I imagine I will top up my ‘okay-ness’ further still and so on and so on over the coming days, until I feel stronger again. Because this is how resilience works. Resilience does not mean we never fall down or cry, or fume or shake our fists at the sky. Resilience means we get back up again, a little quicker and a little more whole, than last time. These are the thoughts I hold onto. These and the daily reminder that I am only human, that I will worry and lose faith sometimes, that I will laugh and be joy filled at other times.

This is life.

But Today,

Today I am ok,

I piece myself back together

One tear and sigh at a time

I peel myself up off the floor

and raise my head to the sun

and feel it full on my face.

Today, I am ok.

Jessica Devi Yoga Within Browns Bay

If you find yourself struggling and unable to lift your head to the sun, please know it is ok to ask for help. Most counsellors and therapists are working online or over the phone and would be more than happy to help you.

It is ok to be strong AND it is ok to ask for help.

A good place to access free helpline counselling is here: https://mentalhealth.org.nz/helplines

Jessica Devi

Jessica is a Trauma Informed movement and wellbeing practitioner and has been practicing, discovering and studying health through movement, conscious dance and yoga for over 20 years. Jessica is passionate about facilitating a personalised approach for each person in a way that is unique to their body, mind, history and hopes.

Jessica is a sensitive, warm and knowledgeable teacher with a wealth of experience in heath, holistic fitness and well being. Through the integration of mindful movement, breath practices and awareness techniques Jessica will support you to find – not only the best version of yourself but also a life that is deeper and more connected.

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner BODY, BREATH & BEYOND meets you where you are and gives you the resources to go deeper. Suitable to all levels, and with plenty of modifications and advice on how to work at your own pace, Jessica skillfully guides you toward personalising your own practice. With this approach your yoga becomes long term, life enhancing and sustainable. Giving you the tools to reach your health and wellbeing goals – for life!

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