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FOR PEOPLE to experience body-mind education, creative expression, spiritual exploration & renewal.


A SUPPORTIVE SPACE of beauty, inspiration and simplicity.



Mana is a Sanctuary nestled in the heart of the bush-covered hills of the Coromandel Ranges. 

It is a registered charitable trust, established in 1988 for the exploration and awakening of consciousness, the unfolding of our creative and healing potential and the realisation of our essential unity.

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Four Steps to Reconnect

This practice, inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s ritual “Beginning Anew” for resolving friction between community members in Plum Village France, is excellent for any relationship where difficulty and challenges or even just some small resistance or tension has crept in. […]

6 Steps to Authentic Communication

Effective and authentic communication takes a whole truckload of bravery and courage to practice regularly. It’s easy to instead fall into making assumptions, projecting our fears, anxiety and shame onto others, and shielding ourselves from our own truth! This happens so easily because to see our truth would force us to go into our depths, and our depths can require great stamina and strength to swim in when we’re not used to it! Its understandable, as human beings we often prefer the path of least resistance, to stay within the comfort zone, to avoid such scary situations. It’s actually hard [...]

Understanding the ancient Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness

Ho’oponopono can help restore harmony within, and with others When I first encountered the practice known as Ho-oponopono, it was in an interview with Heleaka Hew Len PhD, a Hawaiian psychologist and shamanic practitioner. I took on the simple yet profound forgiveness practice and found immediate benefits in my personal life. Ho’oponopono: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. […]