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WE HOLD group retreats, workshops, professional development trainings…


FOR PEOPLE to experience body-mind education, creative expression, spiritual exploration & renewal.


A SUPPORTIVE SPACE of beauty, inspiration and simplicity.



Mana is a Sanctuary nestled in the heart of the bush-covered hills of the Coromandel Ranges. 

It is a registered charitable trust, established in 1988 for the exploration and awakening of consciousness, the unfolding of our creative and healing potential and the realisation of our essential unity.

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  • how to find harmony at work and home

How to find Harmony at Work and Home

Bringing Back the Balance Do you ever feel split around home and work life? As if you have to be two different people? Happily, we are living in exciting times with more and more awareness around mission, vision, and values being woven through our work culture and our home life. The line of who we are at home and who we are at work is blurring. There’s a graceful honesty and inclusivity that is emerging when employer and employee values match and are upheld. We used to talk about our ‘work-life’ and our ‘personal life’. The operative word here is [...]

Saying ‘YES’ to Meeting Your Edge and Softening

Yet, great loss can unseat the controller, which we often scramble to resurrect by getting busy, blaming others, blaming ourselves, or trying to fix things. Even so, if we are willing to let there be a gap, if we can live in presence without controlling, healing becomes possible.  by Tara Brach It’s another morning, another day of having to live inside a hurting body inherited from a little known, rare genetic condition. I try not to think of how it used to be. I can let go of the younger me, the one who won a yoga Olympics by holding [...]

Finding Heartfelt Aspirations for Compassion Guided Meditation

This series of 20 Minute Meditations guided by Hedwig Bakker are an opportunity to experience a quality of wakefulness, of ‘being exactly where you are’ in every moment of life. Each month we will introduce a new episode for you to tune into or download. Read more about the series > […]