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WE HOLD group retreats, workshops, professional development trainings…


FOR PEOPLE to experience body-mind education, creative expression, spiritual exploration & renewal.


A SUPPORTIVE SPACE of beauty, inspiration and simplicity.


The Mana Retreat Centre is a sanctuary nestled in the bush-covered hills of the Coromandel Ranges.
It is a registered charitable trust, established in 1988 for the exploration and awakening of consciousness, the unfolding of our creative and healing potential and the realisation of our essential unity.


This overview is subject to change, please refer to our full Events Schedule for current information & to book.


Current News

Mana Food Philosophy

Our beautiful, open plan kitchen is the warm, nourishing centre of Mana and the food served to guests is an important aspect of the Mana experience. It gives us pleasure to share some of our most requested recipes, the food philosophy behind our menus and the in the process respond to the questions most often asked about the food served at Mana. […]

Eating Mindfully

This series of 10 Minute Meditations guided by Hedwig Bakker are an opportunity to experience a quality of wakefulness, of ‘being exactly where you are’ in every moment of life. Each month we will introduce a new episode for you to tune into or download. Read more about the series > Subscribe to our ‘Audio Retreats’ podcasts with itunes to retreat where ever you are > […]

Great Way to Start the Day

How does your morning routine inspire your day? Whether you bounce out of bed or hit the snooze button 4 times these quick tips for a wholesome morning routine are sure to set you sailing through the day. 1 . Banish the Sleep (Snooze) Button The snooze button is not your friend. When your alarm goes off, it interrupts the REM cycle, and the repeated intrusions every 10 minutes only ensure that your body’s natural rhythm is off.  Set your alarm for when you need to get up and resist the urge to lye in - your day will be all the better for it. 2. Wake to Smooth Tunes Sound has the ability to change the molecular structure of our bodies so you can only imagine what the horrible buzzing sound is doing to your insides. Try setting a favourite song or pleasant sound as an alarm so that can wake in a more gentle and relaxed way. 3. Stretch Awaken your body - after hours of lying flat gently reach into all of your limbs, through the tips of your fingers and toes, lengthen your spine and reach back with your arms - take some long deep breaths. Even a few minutes of stretching is enough to ease the body into being up right and moving around, you will find your body responds with agility and awareness. 4. Let There Be Light Whether it is natural or artificial light, light helps to send a message to the brain that it is time to wake up.  With this [...]