An Interview with Geordie Jahner

We’re excited to introduce you to some of the amazing people who make Mana Retreat Centre so special. Meet Geordie Jahner, one of our long-term facilitators who brings her talent, passion, and expertise to everything she does. Get to know her story and find out what makes her a vital part of the Mana community. Scroll to the bottom to learn more about the upcoming retreats that Geordie will be holding at Mana. 

What brought you to Mana and what were your earliest memories of Mana?

I first came to Mana in September 1988 to participate in the Hellerwork Structural integration training taught by Joseph Heller. Our training was held down at what is now Dharma Gaia center. The octagon and accommodation buildings up top were still in the planning stages. The sanctuary a far off dream. It has been so inspiring and touching to have witnessed the evolution and all the different incarnations of the center over the years. Deep bow to the founders and managers for their beautiful vision and stick-to-it-iveness throughout 40 years to manifest their vision so magnificently, with such integrity, love and care.

What is your current involvement with Mana?

I am currently a loving neighbor, forest walker, gardener, community member. I love to sing, chant, walk, dance, practice yoga, wander the hills and tend gardens. I teach several Open Floor conscious dance programs at Mana each year.

How has Mana played a role in your personal and professional evolution?

Having such a beautiful place to teach over the past 30 years right next door to my home, is a priceless gift and one I have cherished beyond words. My personal and professional evolution has been inextricably interwoven with the beauty, refuge, support and inspiration of Mana. The land, the mountains, the estuary, the gardens, the bush, the center, the people, the staff – all these living beings have become such dear friends, touchstones, inspirations and family/community members.

Can you describe what Mana means to you?

Mana has offered such a place of refuge to so many over the years.  The wide variety of consciousness-raising and embodiment practices offered and taught, the extraordinary teachers who have passed through, the beautiful guests and wwoofers, the consistency, care and integrity of the founders and managers – all generate a tangible field of joy, safety and peace. To me, Mana serves as a beacon of light, a safe haven, a place to ground, regroup, gather, inspire, uplift, learn, grow and heal.  A place where all are welcome. I have found the founders to be unwavering in their commitment to taking the high road in all important decisions. The spirit of generosity and goodness flows out from the corners of the buildings, the delicious food being prepared in the kitchen, the staff, the land. Mana’s guiding intention says it all:

“May our actions produce happiness and illumination for the uplifting of the world.” – Dalai Lama

And they do.

Open Floor Dance Retreats

Spiraling In Spiraling Out with Geordie Jahner

Geordie has been leading Open Floor Dance workshops and retreats at Mana Retreat Centre for many years. In 2024 Geordie will be offering a year long study group for those who wish to learn Open Floor Dance called ‘Spiraling In, Spiraling Out’. If you would like to learn more about the workshops or retreats that Geordie offers please visit our retreat schedule page for more information. 

Interview and article by the Mana Team. 

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