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Tara Sanctuary by Rainer & Shanti Huebner

Discover the sacred symbology behind Tara Sanctuary, the esteemed soul space at Mana Retreat Centre.


Sacred geometry.
Stained glass windows honouring the four directions and major world religions.
Scenic views across the Gulf of Thames and do we mention the astounding acoustics that makes everyone’s voice sound like an angel?

Tara Sanctuary is an iconic landmark on the face of Mount Pukewhakataratara.  Home to Mana Retreat Centre.

A placed of esteemed beauty and serenity, Tara Sanctuary offers a place of refuge for the mind and body, and a gateway to Spirit.

Whether you have visited this sacred space or not, the intention behind this building is one of inspiration and soul guidance.

In the folds of this booklet you will come know the meaning behind:

  • the location
  • the sacred geometry
  • the maori carving
  • the bells and their inscriptions
  • the process of building, including the traditional techniques used
  • the labyrinth and more…

This historical account is written by the visionary and creator of Tara Sanctuary, Rainer Huebner with acknowledgements to all who played a part in it’s manifestation.


The Bells

Every morning at 8am, 9am and in the evening at 6pm, the bell tower of Tara Sanctuary comes alive. Three bronze, inscripted bells, hand crafted in Germany ring out across the land. Their harmonious tones play an ever-changing rhythm that strikes a chord at the heart of all who hear them. They are one of the many symbolic elements that animate this sacred space and in many ways connect the land to the sea, the past to the present, the outer to the inner.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Mana before then you may like to take a moment to listen to the bells.



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Tara Sanctuary by Rainer & Shanti Huebner

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