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The Little Book of Meditations written by Hedwig Bakker & Illustrated by Ying Chin

30 Meditations in Your Pocket! Create inner calm, wherever you are, with this downloadable meditation guide.

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Are you looking for inspirational moments of stillness, self enquiry and a calm mind?

Look no further!

This downloadable guide is a collection of meditations that you can fit in your pocket. Which means you can create mindful moments to pause and reconnect with yourself anytime, anywhere.

With over 30 meditations for you to guide yourself or others you will find something for almost any occasion.

Find meditations to help you:

  • Awake to the day.
  • Release stress.
  • Eat mindfully.
  • Discover kindness for others.
  • Find calm in the chaos.
  • Ease worry.
  • Generate gratitude and joy.
  • Let go of the day.
  • Prepare for sleep.
  • and more…

Wherever you are on your journey of self enquiry and meditation, this book will meet you there.



Hedwig Bakker brings over a decade of meditation experience and teachings to this collection. Her ability to simplify self instruction makes the meditations easy to follow. The prompts to pause between sentences help to create a sense of space both on the page and within your own mind and body. By her nature, Hedwig makes meditation accessible to people of all ages and stages in their meditation practice.

Anyone who has a body can sit, anyone who has a mind can expand it, and anyone who has a heart can open it to embrace oneself and the world.”

~ Hedwig Bakker

With beautiful hand crafted illustrations by Ying Chin this book offers a welcoming introduction for young children and families to meditation. No matter how old you are, the light hearted imagery can inspire contemplation and perhaps offer a different viewpoint for the meditations theme.

We are so excited to have this collection of meditations now available online as a downloadable PDF. (For those of you who visit the centre you can purchase a printed copy to take home with you.)




How to download your PDF meditation guide?

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Important information about downloading PDFs to mobile devices

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The Little Book of Meditations written by Hedwig Bakker & Illustrated by Ying Chin

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