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Tranquility and Insight – A Meditation Retreat with Susan Allen

May 29 @ 4:00 pm - June 3 @ 2:00 pm

Deepen and refine your meditation practice with this retreat led by one of NZ’s most experienced meditation teachers, Susan Allen.
This retreat offers 6 days of meditation practice and discussion, both indoors and in the beautiful open spaces this property offers. An opportunity to begin a daily practice for life or to deepen an existing practice with fresh strategies and insights. There will be optional yoga classes also offered.
Meditation develops a calmness of mind, a poise of character. It provides a foundation for flourishing and the fulfilment of your highest potential.

These will be practices from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. There will be three main areas of practice:
1. concentration and tranquility practices
2. insight practices – emptiness of self, emptiness of thoughts and emotions 3. creating a new way of operating in this world, resting in a non-reactive spacious awareness

What will we be practicing?

Let’s elaborate on this –

1. Refining concentration, increasing cognition of when the mind wanders Almost all meditation techniques have a concentration component. When we become skilful in paying attention, then the tendency to get lost in thought reduces and the mind begins to quieten. These are often called tranquility practices. Concentration objects may include the breath, mindfulness of body sensations or concentration on an object such as sound or mantra. On this retreat you will learn refinement techniques to improve the stability of your concentration or mindfulness. The stability of mind means peace of mind, we are more able to focus in our daily life, we indulge less in negative thought patterns, our stress levels decrease, and we feel more at ease. These include intensifying practices which are used to bring greater awareness to background thoughts as well as to the dullness that can develop in the mind when meditating. If your meditation progress is stagnating then this improvement in looking more closely at the object of your concentration will enable you to start progressing again. It is through this increased focus that we experience a stilling of the busynessof the mind; a tranquility and clarity arise.

2. Insight practices; moving beyond identification with self, thoughts and emotions Emptiness practices are a central component of Buddhist meditation. Emptiness means ‘a construction of mind.’ In our meditation, and of course in our daily lives as well, we get caught up in, and strongly identified with our thoughts and emotions. On this retreat we will introduce emptiness of self, emptiness of thought and emptiness of emotion practices. This does not mean having no self, thoughts or emotions but rather realising experientially how our thoughts and emotions are things that the mind is constructing. When we learn this, we become less emotionally reactive in our relationships and with
ourselves, we tend to be more open and less rigidly entrenched in our views and opinions. These practices are liberating and freeing, and most importantly they bring ease and joy.

3. Resting in awareness; a new basis of operation
Much of our daily life we tend to be busy thinking, we operate a lot out of thought, and for some of us many of these thoughts are repetitive and negative. However when we learn to still the fluctuations of thought we are able to shift to spending more time in awareness, an awareness that is beyond the busyness of thinking. When we operate out of awareness there is no reactivity and we feel less self-centred and more connected to others; We will investigate and examine the characteristics of operating out of awareness as opposed to thought – exploring qualities such as spaciousness, connectedness, and the tendency to fabricate experience. On this retreat we will then practice taking this off the cushion as we interact with others and the nature around us.

Receive personal guidance around your meditation habits so you keep progressing Each of us have habits that we develop in our practice, some serve our meditation and others don’t. On this retreat Susan will encourage you to be observant and disciplined in the habits that support your practice and bring more awareness to those that don’t, both on and off the cushion. Personal suggestions will be given to each student so that you can be inspired to develop this life changing and abundant practice.


The retreat is hosted by one of NZ’s most experienced yoga and meditation teachers, Susan Allen. Susan has been teaching meditation for 20 years and has an authentic passion for sharing this transformative practice with others.

For more info and bookings contact Susan Allen

ph: +64-21-222-6550 | email: [email protected]

Booking process is via Susan Allen –
1. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to make a booking.
2. Register by contacting Yoga Retreats NZ using the ‘Register Now’ button. You’ll be sent bank details for a deposit.
3. Final payment is due 15th April 2024. If final payment is not received by that date your booking will be cancelled and offered to someone on the waiting list, or if you can find someone to take your booking we can happily transfer it to them.
4. If you cancel your booking before 15th April 2024 your payment minus the non-refundable $500 deposit will be refunded.
5. If you cancel your booking after 15th April 2024 no refund will be given but you are able to transfer it to someone else of your finding.
6. If Government Covid regulations cause the retreat to be cancelled, or you personally not be able to travel due to Govt. imposed travel restrictions such as lockdowns, then full refund will be given. If you are unwell and not able to travel then the cancellation terms outlined in points 3-5 apply


May 29 @ 4:00 pm
June 3 @ 2:00 pm
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Mana Retreat Centre
608 Manaia Road, State Highway 25, RD1
Coromandel, 3581 New Zealand
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+64 7 866 8972
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Payment is required in full at the time of booking, by credit or debit card, or direct bank transfer using our secure POLi payment gateway.

We draw special attention to two of our guidelines before registration: Mana provides lacto-ovo vegetarian food only, this means no fish or chicken and is an alcohol and drug free environment.

Mana caters for Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan.

Cancellation Policy

This group requires a minimum number of participants to go ahead, if that number is not reached we reserve the right to cancel the event.

Should you, for any reason, decide to cancel your registration; please note our cancellation policy :

  • A $50 administrative fee is applied to all cancellations.
  • A Tuition cancellation fee may apply in certain circumstances.
  • These policies are reassessed in certain circumstances.


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