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End of Summer… Are you Ready to Kick Your Feet Up?

Mana Update It is another gorgeous summer here on the Coromandel Peninsula, and with turquoise waters glistening in the bay, blue skies, lush green native bush, cicadas and birds singing, we are definitely feeling called to be outdoors. Summer really is a prime time to make the most of long walks on the beach, afternoon [...]

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What is Consciousness Anyway?

It has been studied, supposed, written about, experimented with ad nauseum. There haven’t ever been any definitive answers to the question, but yet, there have been fleeting glimpses of possibilities to the human race that have the potential to change our entire earthly experience. Consciousness is super luminal. It is faster than the speed of [...]

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Seeing Ourselves in Each Other

We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think?  This heart felt 3 minute video was created by the Denmark government, it is a gentle reminder that when we lift ourselves above separation above indifference we are all one in the same. [...]

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Facing Storms

This series of 10 Minute Meditations guided by Hedwig Bakker are an opportunity to experience a quality of wakefulness, of ‘being exactly where you are’ in every moment of life. Each month we will introduce a new episode for you to tune into or download. Read more about the series > […]

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